Lift e-Foil 5.0 Lift e-Foil 5.0

The original Lift e-Foil. Electric powered "flying surf board", up to 2 hours surfing time on just one charge of the battery! Comes complete with battery, charger, Bluetooth remote controller, carbon foil with liquid cooled electric brushless motor and carry cases for all parts.  This 5. model is recomended for light...
Yacht Watersports ibiza Gift Card Yacht Watersports ibiza Gift Card

The Yacht Watersports ibiza gift card is a perfect gift if you just dont know what to buy for someone! Our gift card can be used for many different types of products and services and will be added directly to you Apple Wallet.   Yacht Watersports store Our gift card...
Scubajet Pro 200 Dive Scubajet Pro 200 Dive

The new Scubajet is the worlds best power to weight ratio underwater scooter in the world! The units we rent are the second generation Scubajets which are 20% more efficient than the first generation.This incredible high tech engineerd product is designed and manufactured in Austria, it is made in high...
Schiller SC1 Waterbike Schiller SC1 Waterbike

Schiller bikes are high end Aluminium & carbon fiber water bikes. The base is made from 2 floating chambers, manufactured in ultra resistant drop stick material like that of a catamarán which acheieve perfect floatability and very Little resistance to the water. By pedalling, the bike is propulsed forwards by...
Michael Phelps Xceed Michael Phelps Xceed

The Xceed competition goggle combines patented curved lens technology and a hydrodynamic low profile fit to give swimmers a competitive edge in perfect clarity. The Titanium Mirror is further enhanced with a layered titanium metal coating for enhanced sun and glare protection.   Titanium mirror-coated lenses for maximum glare protection....
Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack Oakley Kitchen Sink backpack

Flyboard Pro series Flyboard Pro series

The FlyBoard® is a board (similar to a snowboard or wakeboard) that is propulsed on top of the water up to a maximum height of 12 metres. For this it uses water under pressurewhich is received with a hose that is connected to a JetSki. Depending on the power of the JetSki the FlyBoard® will fly higher or...

​The user friendly shape of the Pure has helped get new riders up for the first time as well as pros get on their first podium. The mellow 3-stage rocker pattern is blended for the perfect combination predictability and pop off the wake. The base uses long molded fins and...

The Venza boot is where performance, versatility, and style come together. Designed to fit a wide variety of foot sizes these are the perfect boot to have on any boat for friends and family to ride. The high wrap outer boot offers standalone response and performance while the soft Lycra...